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Services – Vault Associates

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted!

Overwhelmed with what’s expected next and how to continue your high performance?

Coaching for Executives and Leaders builds good leadership qualities that support short and long term goal achievement.

You’ve got managers with great technical skills.

Is effectively leading a team a skill set that needs more focus?

Leadership Team Development aligns the critical success factors of leadership behaviors and team performance to help you succeed at your business goals.

Your business is constantly changing and evolving. New roles, new process, new operations, new team skills.

How do you make sure change works and works well?

Leading Change helps you create and implement an effective change plan, and reinforces the leader activities required for change success.

Conflict in your team is really hurting productivity. And now your customers are feeling it too.

How can you develop stronger, highly effective teams?

Team Development helps you build cohesiveness, improve communication, and develop skills to effectively manage the inevitable workplace conflicts.

How can Emotional Intelligence give us a business edge?

How can we play to our strengths? How can we do a better job of retaining our critical knowledge?

Learning Opportunities are workshops, training programs, and assessments focused on:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Dynamics
  • Change Success
  • Knowledge Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Designed to increase awareness, develop momentum, and inspire long-lasting change.

Finding and keeping good talent is always a challenge.

How can we create a company culture where people want to do their best work?

Organization Development helps you find ways to create greater synergy between organizational structure, process, strategy, people, and culture.

You’re busy. Expectations are high. It is hard to find the time, or create the objective perspective, to figure out the best way to reach your goals.

But one thing you do know. Doing what you’ve always done is not going to get you, or your company, where it needs to be.

The organization system, processes, and behaviors that made you and your organization successful can, at some point, impede your growth.

VAULT provides an objective view, candid feedback, and a full toolkit of experiences, methodologies, and credentials in Leader, Team, and Organization Development to help you discover and resolve whatever is holding you back and accelerate your momentum.