Hi! I’m Jane at VAULT Associates. We help leaders at all levels, at work and at home —leaders like you! — learn how to bring their “A” game every day. Get your complimentary coaching session Find Out More Are You Ready to LIVE - and LEAD - Boldly?

You have dreams to bring to life.

You have goals to reach.

You have people depending on you.

You want to bring your “A” game.

And you feel stalled.

There’s something in the way. Maybe you’re not even sure what.

You’ve tried everything you know. One thing you are sure of — it’s not good enough to stay in place.

Are you ready to go BOLD?

    Why VAULT Associates?

    How What We Do Benefits You

    Do you want to show up in a more effective way to have greater influence and impact?

    Do you know you have untapped potential and are ready to find a way to bring it on full-force?

    Are you feeling stuck, and know it is time to try something different?

    I was there at one point too. Life and work were good, yet I couldn’t figure out how to take it to the next level. I wanted more passion and enjoyment in my life and work; to have more impact, influence, and create powerful results.

    I also learned that creating the change we want requires much more than thinking about it. If it were that easy, you would have already done it!

    Instead of trying harder at what you already think you know (and that may not be working as well as you’d hoped…), what if we could work together on finding some different, and more effective, ways of showing up and impacting your world?

    A few years ago, I began a deep dive into the world of neuroscience and physiology and discovered how to expand our capacity to live and lead in our “A” game brilliance every day.  In our coaching and training, we go beyond cognitive learning and apply science-backed ways to engage your mind, your body, and your creativity to help you step into your power and boldly pursue the change you have long wanted.

    Now is the time for you to live and lead boldly and bring your shining “A” game every day.


    The process, experience, and knowledge of creating momentum and results.


    The courage and determination to take on the change you desire.


    Radiating that positive change from the individual, to the team, and throughout the organization.