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Vault Associates – Improving Leader, Team & Organization Effectiveness

You have goals to reach. You have dreams to bring to life.

And you are stalled. There’s something in the way of getting it done. Maybe you’re not even sure what. You just know it’s not good enough to stay in place. Are you ready to take action? VAULT Associates works with leaders, like you, to create positive lasting change in themselves and in the organizations they lead.

  • Coaching for Executives and Leaders
  • Leadership Team Development
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Strengthening Team Performance
  • Developing Effective Organizations

VAULT brings the Structure…

The process, experience, and knowledge of creating momentum and results.

You bring the Strength…

The courage and determination to take on the change you desire.

Together we create the Synergy…

Radiating that positive change from the individual, to the team, and throughout the organization.

We Can’t Go Back to Normal

I’ve just received my 2nd Moderna shot. Vaccine availability has replaced weather as the primary topic of social conversation. People talk longingly about getting ‘back to normal.’ But, do we really want to go back? We can’t. Everything that we have been through this last year has changed what we perceive as “normal” forever. Our [...]

What are you Keeping?

There really is a light at the end of this long dark tunnel we have been in since last March (2020). Covid-19 vaccines are rolling out (my 2nd shot scheduled for the end of the month! yeah!) and soon we will be cautiously free to socialize with friends and family again.   You’re probably thinking, as […]

When SAY and DO Don’t Line Up

I once worked with a leader who had gotten feedback that her team felt she didn’t have trust in them; she tended to steamroll her own solutions without listening to their inputs. While the solutions she came up with generally worked, the rest of the team felt disconnected with the outcome. Over time they clammed […]