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Applying Brain Science to Empower Your Success – Vault Associates

Applying Brain Science to Empower Your Success

Leave Mediocre Behind: Bring Your “A” Game Every Day

Many busy professionals dream of accomplishing more, feeling more satisfaction. Working harder isn’t the answer. In this program, you learn
what happens in your brain as you go through the challenges of your day and how that can impact your effectiveness. You’ll experience a new way
to bring your “A” game to create a more effective outcome on an issue you are dealing with now.

“I was looking for a speaker who could give our group new insights on the brain-science behind negativity and how it impacts performance. Jane delivered a very interesting presentation to a larger group that exactly hit the mark. She tailored the presentation to address topics requested and there was an interactive component to it that got people working together and applying what they had just learned. Post-event survey responses showed approval rating of 4.35 out of 5 with most people taking something useful away. Highly recommend Jane – a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker who delivers interesting, engaging, and highly useful content.”

Chris Holm, Director, Customer Success, IT Solutions and Services Company

Let Your Stress Work FOR You: Don’t Get Overwhelmed…Get Energized

Stress impacts your ability to think clearly and be productive, in addition to increasing your risk for major health issues. We often think of stress
as something to get rid of, yet stress can also bring us powerful energy.

In this program, we explore the impacts of too much stress and too little stress. You’ll leave with a new awareness of finding what is “just right”
to make you most effective.

“Jane has a way of connecting with an audience on a personal level. She can turn highly expert topics, such as neuroscience and change complexity, into something very relatable which leads to better learning. Her delivery incorporates a great sense of humor and she engages the audience in the content through questions and interactive exercises. Jane has been a featured speaker for our group several times and her sessions always receive very positive ratings.”

Eric Weidner, VP Business Development, Knowledge Management Institute

Leading Effective Change: Three Things Every Manager Should Know

Change is a continual presence in our work and in our lives. Yet it often feels like an uphill battle. Even after more than 40 years of research, change initiatives still fail far more often than they succeed. Brain-based research is giving us new insights on how humans respond to change. In this program we will shed light on why change can be so difficult and what to do to achieve a better outcome. You’ll leave with a new awareness and some strategies that will increase the likelihood of your change initiative becoming a success.

Are You Ready to Leave Mediocre Behind?

Book a speaking engagement or coaching consultation today!

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Executive Coach
  • Leader-Team Development
  • Neuro-Transformation Coach and Trainer

Email VAULT Associates to book a speaking engagement or coaching consultation or call 571-239-1483.