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Blog – Page 2 – Vault Associates
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Drop Down, Give Me Ten

  • On November 11, 2020
“Yes, Drill Sergeant! One!”  How did I wind up on hands and knees in boots, fatigues, and helmet, pushing away the Kentucky dirt?   “Two.”  I blame it on Elaine, my college classmate. If she hadn’t invited me (or did I invite myself?) to hear the ROTC lunch pitch, would I ever have imagined that crawling through mud would be the start of a very fulfilling career? Not likely.    Four, Drill Sergeant.”  Pull-ups, push-ups, road marches and 0-dark-thirty morning runs, joining the Army was the best […]
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Embrace the Suck*

  • On July 15, 2020
Yea, this pandemic disruption is starting to suck. Two months I could hunker down and get through. Three months OK. Four months? Five? The rest of the year? Into the next? With each day breaking the record cases of the one before, this massive disruption is here to stay for a while.
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How do “normal” people get through this?

  • On June 24, 2020
That’s a theme I’ve heard frequently these last few months. I have asked that same question myself. The Uncertainty. The Overwhelm. The Disruption.  Finally... after a few months of stay-at-home, you’re finally feeling like things are back on some sort of schedule. Then…